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Multiple Spindle Heads For Machining Centers (Intro)

Automatic Tool Change (ATC) Heads for vertical or horizontal systems

Production machining of multi-hole patterns in mass produced parts

Precision multiple spindle tooling compatible with automatic tool changers on machining centers. Available with MMT V-Flang, straight shank, and HSK taper drive spindles. Current options include thru the spindle coolant, quick change tool holders, and increased operating speeds. Accessories are included to adapt your machining center for use with multi-heads (radial orientation).

Standard heads range in size from 6" to 10" outside diameter. Smaller heads are available (see "close Center" page) down to less than 2" in diameter. Larger heads are manually loaded in most cases and supplied to suit. The largest to date, operates four 1" end mills at 10,000 RPM (25 HP per spindle).