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Chicago, IL, September 10, 2012 – Zagar Inc. displays its line of high-pressure, precision vises including standard, dual and self centering configurations. The vises are available through Zagar as part of an agreement with Fresmak, S.A. of Zarautz, Spain that established Zagar Inc. as the exclusive importer of Arnold Workholding High Pressure Vises in North America.

The vises feature high precision, and hold parts with a consistently higher gripping force to maximize machine productivity allowing for deeper cuts at higher feed rates without fear of part slippage or distortion. With the Arnold Vise product line, Zagar sees potential for continued growth of its workholding business, comprised of products that hold and locate parts for machining on vertical and horizontal milling machines.

Compared to conventional vises, Arnold Vises are investment grade quality products that feature safe and easy clamping, repeatability, zero wear and maximum machine productivity.

Arnold Vises are part of the Zagar Workholding Group that manufactures collet fixtures – including tombstone style with Unilock® locating systems – special collets, and distributes indexers and locating systems. Mike Tolmer, The National Sales Manager for the Zagar Workholding Group, is integrating the Arnold Vise products into existing Zagar distribution and assisting existing Arnold Vise distributors to grow their solutions-based sales. As Tolmer points out, “The Arnold vise products are ideal for part fixturing configurations as their air and hydraulic units offer repeatable clamping pressure and are designed to fit close to one another to maximize part capacity per setup”.

Unilock is a registered trademark of Big Kaiser Precision Tooling, Inc.

The Zagar Workholding Group is a member of the AMT Advanced Workholding Technology Group and will be displaying its full line at IMTS this September.

Improving American productivity for seventy-five years, Zagar Inc. manufactures and distributes a range of workholding solutions, multi-spindle drill and tap heads, feed units and robotic end effectors. The company’s expertise is machining both ferrous and non-ferrous materials for industries such as automotive, aerospace, electrical, medical, off-road construction equipment, hydraulic, pneumatic and high-production drilling and tapping.

Zagar Workholding shows off its line of Arnold High Pressure Vises at IMTS 2012.