Zagar Inc. Machine Tool Builder specializing in the mass production and/or the qualification of holes.

With our crank style design multiple spindle drilling and tapping head Zagar can design machinery with more rotating cutting tools in a smaller area. Our machines are used in the automotive, aerospace, electrical, electronic propulsion, off-road construction equipment, hydraulic, pneumatic and general job shop industries to name only a few.

Robotic End Effector Tooling

For drilling and tapping applications in numerous industries including aerospace.

robotic and end effector tooling

Arnold High Pressure Vises

high pressure vises

Provide maximum holding pressure and precision, even on difficult part shapes, increasing productivity with deeper cuts and faster feed rates.

High Speed, CNC Tapping

Machinery with automatic parts feed for unattended, fully-automatic machining of precision threads for aerospace fasteners.

High Speed, CNC Tapping