Production Holemaking And Workholding Excellence

Drill & Tap Heads

Multi-Spindle Heads For Your CNC Or Dedicated Special Machine
Close center drill, tap and ream many holes in a single pass with Zagar multiple spindle tooling – even compatible with automatic tool changers on machining centers.

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Feed Units

Components and Systems for Drilling and Tapping
Ball screw, lead screw and double-acting cylinder style feed units offer multiple solutions and can be acquired individually or bundled with controller to suit you hole making needs.

Dedicated Machines

Design, Integrate and Deliver Results
Zagar engineers work closely with customers to design a specialized solution by assembling multiple standard components. We can also integrate controllers, robotics, feeders and hoppers to provide an endless variety of automated and semi-automated dedicated hole making machines.

Robotic End Effectors

End Of Arm Tooling (EOAT) Ensures Machining Precision
Zagar’s CNC End Effectors cover a full spectrum of precision machining including drilling, counter sinking, counter-boring, facing, reaming, combination drill-tap, rigid tapping, milling, and trimming.


Broad Range And Capable Collets and Collet Fixtures
Zagar offers both internal and external grip C-Style collet fixtures that install quickly and easily to hold round, square, hex, and even many-contoured shapes.

Multiple Spindle Drill Heads, Production Hole Making and Work Holding

Zagar is a Machine Tool Builder that can place more drills, taps, reamers, and other rotating tools closer than any other manufacturer. A full range of drill heads, feed units and controllers can be spec’d individually or provided as a total solution dedicated machine. Zagar also offers robotic end effectors as well as industry premium collets and collet fixtures.

Industries We Serve

We are a Machine Tool Builder that offers an unlimited combination of holemaking and workholding products for high-productivity, high-volume metalworking applications. We enjoy serving today’s industries such as automotive, trucking, aerospace, appliance, machine tool builder, robotics and job shops.

About Us

Zagar Inc. is a Machine Tool Builder specializing in the mass production and/or the qualification of holes. With our crank style design multiple spindle drilling and tapping head Zagar can design machinery with more rotating cutting tools in a smaller area. Our machines are used in the automotive, aerospace, electrical, electronic, propulsion, off-road construction equipment, hydraulic, pneumatic and general job shop industries to name only a few.