Production Holemaking And Workholding Excellence

Design And Engineering Expertise

The Path To Productivity Starts With The Right Plan

Our approach to customers is to provide solutions to their machining challenges. Sometimes that is in the form of off-the-shelf tooling and equipment to fit current machining setups, and sometimes, it requires additional thinking. We start that process with a customer-provided Statement Of Work (SOW) and by considering several criteria including:

  • The part, or parts, to be machined – casting or otherwise, material and hardness
    Production rate / capacity
  • Workholding fixturing
  • Types of operations, as well as machines to be used
  • And several other front-end issues that must be thought through to produce the maximum number of parts in the shortest time

With this amount of critical information, Sales and Engineering then brainstorm to develop the plan of action following important milestones:

  • Machining concept – current equipment and consideration of latest technology
  • Budget, Go or No-Go
  • Lead time
  • Installation
  • Initial production
  • Acceptance of process

Design, build and integrate solutions for automated and unattended machining

Each customer project is ground up and tailored to the specific need, with the outcome driving the design and engineering of the process and equipment to be used. The combination of experience with sophisticated CAD/CAM capabilities means our Design and Engineering team not only provides the optimal solution, but also one that works within customers’ parameters. And, to meet all requirements, we spec and integrate a wide range of parallel technologies. Key features of Zagar engineered high-production drilling, tapping, milling and other CNC machining are:

  • Tight tolerance metal removal
  • CNC Controlled
  • Part feed and collection
  • In-process / line-integration
  • Free standing and self-contained