Production Holemaking And Workholding Excellence


Experience and Longevity

For many years, Zagar Inc has built specific machinery committed to the mass production of drilling and tapping holes. We pay extremely close attention to details to create high quality, high performance hole making solutions. Furthermore, Zagar combines gearless multiple spindle drill head technology with its own high powered feed units to produce our dedicated machinery. We create machines that can drill anywhere from 2 to 5184 holes at one time!

Robotic Automated Twin Multi Spindle Automotive holemaking

Capability and Experience

We were founded in 1937, so we have been creating these machines for generations. Additionally, gearless multi spindle technology employs a design that allows Zagar to keep drills and taps on close centers and random patterns. No other factory can do this with their drill or tap head. Though a dedicated service department, Zagar is able to back its products with a professional repair employing their skilled mechanics.

Three station drill/tap machine

Mega multi spindle application showing 5184 holes at one time!