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Zagar Slant Bed Reaming and Tapping of High Temperature Alloy Nuts

Making any component for use in the aerospace industry requires tight tolerances on difficult to machine materials – so there is no room for error. Anything related to the engine, particularly within any of the hot section applications, requires that much more integrity to withstand the extreme temperature ranges.

Zagar Customer – Engine Component Manufacturing

The customer need was for high volume, dedicated machining of six different nuts used to fasten engine hot section components. The process needed to be automated including part feed, location, clamping, machine operation and ejection. Additionally, accuracy, tolerance and repeatability had to meet AS-9100 standards

The Zagar solution

Two operations were to be performed on each of the six different nuts, reaming and tapping, so the Zagar solution would be configured to accomplish both on a single machine. The concept was to be centered around a high-performance MQ feed Unit platform. Designed to be a flexible system using simple, rugged assemblies and interchangeable parts between units, the Zagar solution would keep manufacturing costs down, service easy, reliability high and quality a given. From the spindle to the machine base, this design philosophy has been proven, with simple concepts, integrated with the latest state-of-the art technology. The end result is a dedicated slant bed tapping and reaming machine with a small footprint that runs predominantly unmanned and provides for every criterion identified by the customer.

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Machines of this caliber are perfectly suited for many aerospace applications and are utilized throughout many industries to provide high production results.