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Drill and Tap Feed Units


With two different styles and a choice of controllers, Zagar offers drill and tap feed units to match your application. Our Manual Quill (MQ) ball screw units use servomotors. Furthermore, they provide precision and maximum thrust efficiency with no offset loading. Zagar Thruster units are actuated by hydraulic and/or pneumatic operation. Additionally, the units provide both rapid advance and controlled feed. This makes it ideal for drilling applications. A reversing brake motor makes tapping applications also very effective. Controllers include all popular industry choices. These choices can be made by the customer and integrated by Zagar for a full holemaking solution.

Watch Video for Zagar Drill/Tap machine demo with quill unit. for Zagar Home Page

The drill and tap feed units are fully programmable. Any portion of stroke can be used for combinations of feed or rapid traverse making ideally suited for combination tooling, multistage drilling, peck drilling, or tapping and process refinements. Plus, Zagar MQ units can be easily re-configured with different multi-heads or for single spindle operation along with a wide array of standard and custom applications. Parts can be produced horizontally or vertically using standard components.

Servo drive assemblies feature a single motor drive for feed and rapid traverse without the use of a brake or a clutch. Further, the feed rate can be varied or fine tuned without changing gears, cams or sheaves and belts, and then fixed permanently for tamper proof operation. Additionally, the drive assembly comes complete with servo motor and controller, helical gear reduction, hand crank provision and built-in thrust bearing assembly.

Optional features for our drill and tap feed units include motor mounted resolver or encoder assemblies for interface with closed loop controllers and A.C. servo systems for high duty cycle applications.

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