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Collet Accessories

External and Internal Pads and Wrenches

Simplify change over and minimize cost with Zagar Collet Accessories.

Zagar collet pads are available as either soft, hardened or ground to suit your application. A full range of sizes and styles is also available. Two styles of wrenches are offered for quick changeover. for Zagar Work holding Video for work holding menu for Zagar Home Page

Our collection of collet accessories includes Master External Collet Pads, which are available in soft, hardened, or ground steel. Additionally, they are manufactured with a lead angle for bar stock. The pads are full bore for clamping and they are also available with flat tops for positioning and location.

Zagar Internal Collet Pads are available in either Hard or Soft material. Further, they come in a full range of sizes to facilitate different types of applications. They cost less per changeover saving the operating facility money. Additionally, they are available to be modified which will be quoted upon request.

The Zagar Collet Wrenches are designed for ease of use by being available in either 3 or 4 slotted designs. These Collet Wrenches are available by calling 216 731 0500 or contacting us at

Zagar stamped Collet Wrenches are designed for ease of use in tight locations and when space is limited.

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Collet Accessories