Drill and Tap Heads- Multi-Spindle

Zagar Drill and Tap Heads – Engineered for all holemaking needs, any pattern, any material

Zagar multi-spindle drill heads are engineered to harnesses power for high production hole making. From 2 to 5184 spindles, our pioneering gearless, multi-spindle technology is unique to our business.  These heads drive off a single spindle motor to power multiple spindles for simultaneous hole making operations.  The heads reduce cycle times for mass production using drills, taps, reamers and other rotating tools.  Even close-to-center applications are possible. As well as random patterns, our products deliver results and have since 1937.  Zagar multi-spindle heads are being used in demanding industries such as automotive, trucking, aerospace, power generation and appliance. They provide consistent performance, quality holes, increased performance and productivity, year after year. Zagar offers application support, design and engineering services, fast turnaround and prompt delivery. Let us calculate your increased productivity potential with Zagar Equipment

http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXQ_6HYzHYnFALns1ttxH3g links to the Zagar YouTube Channel.

http://www.zagar.com/drill-tap-heads for the Gearless Drill Head example.

Zagar Gearless Drill and Tap Heads features:

Closest possible spindle centers for greater production.

Fixed spindle construction for better spindle/drill bushing alignment; better tool life; and lower maintenance

Minimum backlash for improved tapping and prolonged tool life.

Simultaneous multiple pitch tapping

Spindles can be added or relocated reducing future retooling costs.

Spindle locations are not restricted to gear train configurations allowing for completely random patterns. Spindle patterns can be combines to reduce cost and minimize changeover cost.

Comes assembled to reduce set up costs.



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