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Drill And Tap Head Repair Service

Get The Most Out Of Your Holemaking Equipment

Zagar offers complete servicing of ALL makes of drill heads, tap heads and machining center heads. Regardless of make and model, this type of holemaking system is a true workhorse of industry and do require periodic servicing to maintain continuous performance. As a pioneer of multi-spindle drilling and tapping, Zagar has the expertise and knowledge to restore worn and tired systems.

Repair, Refurbish, Replace, Revitalize

Zagar will provide a full analysis of your drill or tap head to discover the issues with your equipment and determine what steps to take. We routinely repair and refurbish systems with worn or broken components, replace parts or even whole systems if required – all with the goal of revitalizing your holemaking operations.

Our process follows several steps after you ship us the product:

  • Teardown and Inspection evaluation provided within 3-5 business days (Inspection fee is waived if work is performed or purchase of replacement unit)
  • Repair charge and estimated lead time sent as formal quotation
  • Approval and procedure per agreement
  • Spindle repair (or rebuild)
  • Replace worn components
  • Expert assembly
  • Documented test and quality assurance
  • Return shipping and customer follow up
  • Zagar offers “First Class Repair” for all equipment. With this approach, all wear items are replaced, such as bearings and seals, that are not to the Zagar standard. With this repair type, Zagar can also offer rework, such as changed hole patterns, if requested.  Zagar stands by its work with a six-month limited warranty.
  • ”As Needed Repairs” are also available for shortened lead times to meet customer production requirements. Lightly worn components are kept and reported to the customer. Three-month limited warranty.

Take The First Next Step

If you’re not sure where to start, here’s what to do – call us: 216 731 0500. We will help you determine the right course of action before you shut down any operation, and walk you through the steps so you know what to expect. As much as we boast about our long life, even Zagar components can wear and require observation and service. As we stated, we service all manufacturers of drill and tap heads including:


• Auto Drill • Ettco
• Commander • Gilman
• Key Products • Procunier
• Reynolds • Systematic Drill Head
• Sugino • US Drill Head
• Wisconsin

Repair vs Build New: Avoid Throwing Good Money After Bad

This becomes evident in the first step during disassembly and inspection. We will make a recommendation and support with in-process photos so that you can make an informed decision. Your input plus our experience also allows us to estimate average service intervals and help pinpoint ROI. Our focus with any of our service is not to sell you new systems, but to help you achieve optimum performance.