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Collet Fixtures

Rotating and Stationary Fixtures Offer High Holding Pressure and Machining Accuracy

Zagar Collet Fixtures – Precision built to hold close tolerances for every application

Zagar manufactures a complete range of standard and custom collet fixtures. The fixtures come in a variety of styles from stationary, rotating, basic, manual, vertical/horizontal, and turn table. Our company has built its foundation on its original design and engineering of its revolutionary collet fixtures. Below, on this page, is a link to the Zagar YouTube channel fixture introduction. for Zagar Work Holding Video for Zagar Home Page for Zagar Work Holding Main Page

Zagar has Air or Hydraulic operated automatic collet fixtures are available with operating pressure ranges from 80 to 1500 PSI. The fixtures come in ranges of 8 standard sizes for clamping.  From .046″ to 4″ maximum through the fixture bar capacity, we have the flexibility to solve problems. We create fixtures to fit 3C to 44 C, O.D. to I.D. clamping, and pull-down collet actuation. Further, we manufacture rotating collet chucks with automatic piston actuation and rotary inducer for automatic or manual draw bar actuation. In addition, we make a complete line of manual and mechanically actuated fixtures for stationary machine table or multi-station rotary index setups. Finally, automatic and manual indexing collet fixtures are available with a maximum 2″ through the fixture capacity. 3 to 18 position indexing capability with a half second indexing time.


Collet Fixtures