Production Holemaking And Workholding Excellence

Fixture and Installation Guide

Air operation for:

  • Assembly Applications
  • Light holding applications
  • Quick cycle requirements
  • clean environment

Hydraulic Operation for:

  • Metal Cutting
  • high torque Requirements
  • consistent holding
  • heavy ship and coolant conditions
  • crimping

Light and heavy-duty collet fixtures are designed for your protection and tool room environments. Housings are made of cast iron. Steel clamps pistons are hardened and ground to insure lasting quality Seal and “o” rings are selected for industrial quality standards. Air/hydraulic fixtures develop their holding power from line pressure applied against the piston area. For calculating the clamping pressure:

  • Clamping pressure=line pressure x piston area/2 X cotangent of the collet angle
  • Applied force=piston area X Operating pressure
  • Holding Force = force/2Xcotangent<.7


Fixture and Installation Guide Recommended installation:

  1. Grind sub mounting plate on top and bottom
  2. Bore pilot hole for fixture boss
  3. Add locating holes, diameter and /or surface
  4. Mount fixture to sub plate
  5. Install pressure lines to proper ports
  6. Attach coolant lines if required
  7. Adjust collet (tighten collet against part while fixture is in unclamped position. Back off collet 1 1/2 turns)
  8. Lock collet in plate (side lock screw or collet back up plug) for Zagar Collet Video. for the Zagar Home Page

Please Note:

Schedules are based on current production and inventory levels and are subject to prior sale. Before an order is processed, ALL pertinent information and a formal purchase order must be received by Zagar Inc Cleveland Ohio. Special Delivery must be approved by Zagar. Deliveries must be confirmed by Zagar Cleveland at the time of order entry. The delivery of all repair and rework orders is subject to availability of purchased items and manufacturing lead time. Pre-repair/rework fixtures require 2 weeks after pre-repair inspection is complete and approved.