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Dedicated Machinery

Zagar Dedicated Machines – Design, Integrate and Deliver Results

Zagar Dedicated Machine Engineers work closely with customers to design a specialized solution by assembling multiple standard components. We can also integrate controllers, robotics, feeders, and hoppers to provide an endless variety of automated and semi-automated dedicated machinery.
State of the Art Technology
The past few years, Zagar has been on the cutting edge of the machine tool world. Additionally, We have created machines drilling exotic metals with extremely high speed drills and tools. We also have a complete engineered library of end effector engineering available which also creates a wider array of drilling and tapping capability. Whatever the hole, we can drill it. Throughout many industries, from automotive to agriculture, Zagar Inc is world famous for superior machine tool systems.

Five station drill/reamer machine for chair parts

Single station MQ150 machine drilling a single hole.