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Tap & Drill Collets


Zagar Collets Provide Quick Loading and Precise Holding

Speed and grip strength for a wide range of tool holding applications

Zagar manufactures high-quality drill collets. The products were engineered for fast loading and accuracy. Quality effort has been put into the products to maximize productivity and machine up-time. These standards help provide efficient and effective production in machining applications for customers all over the country. Drill collets from Zagar are made with the finest quality materials combined with master craftsmanship. We manufacture standard draw type, master external and internal, and blanks (standard draw and Step / Emergency). Zagar Inc was founded in 1937, and drill collets were one of our first products. So, in ordering these from Zagar, there is over 80 years of experience in work holding that the customer can rely on for top quality products. Please contact us today at 216 731 0500 or email us at to order top quality Zagar parts. for main menu for Zagar YouTube Channel for Zagar Collet introduction.

Zagar collets feature the 2″ master, the 16-C and the 5-C. Each collet features a flat top for locating, improved holding pressure, wide slots for chip removal and room for the wrench. They also have extra expansion for ease of loading, rear locating diagram for axil alignments. Further, these collets fit all 16-C bores with emergency and step collets available for purchase. The product is available in 3 and 4 slot designs and have received slots which eliminates stress cracking. To order yours today, please call 216 731 0500 or email us by clicking the link above.