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Air Operated Holding Fixtures


  • Update from basic holding fixture
  • Adaptable to Automated setups
  • Available in 1″ or 2″capacity through the bore.
  • Collet remains stationary during clamping
  • Coolant flush thru the fixture for chip removal.
  • Designed to last with hardened steel construction
  • Operates with air, hydraulic, or electrical signal for Zagar Collet Video to return to Zagar Home Page        

Zagar Air Operated Holding Fixtures are made with generational craftsmanship, quality engineering, and the best materials. This is all to deliver a top quality, professional experience. These fixtures are built to last many years of dedicated service.



model #

collet #

Net Wt.

Port Size


1″ Capacity


707-178 (5C)


1/4″ N.P.T

11.75″L x 2.09H x 4.09″w




26.75 Lbs.

3/8″ N.P.T.

15.31″L x 1.88″H x 4.12W


  • Model 707-xxxx-1 Manual control- this is a 4 way manual valve with speed control for regulating speed of air cylinder in either or both directions.
  • Model 707-xxxx-3 Air valve with 12V solenoid Control- this is an air operated electronically controlled 4 way valve with built in speed control for regulating speed of air cylinder in either direction. A step down transformer is necessary to operate valve. 12V 60 HZ transformer required specify line voltage.
  • Model 707-xxxx-4 Air valve with Air Pilot- this is pneumatically pilot operated 4 way valve with built in speed control. In most installations, a small normally closed 3 way valve is connected between pilot and a “T” in the incoming air line. Opening 3 way valve shifts air pilot. When the 3-way valve is closed internal pressure returns the control valve to its normal position.
  • Model 707-xxxx-5 Air Valve with 115V Solenoid Control this is a 4 way valve with built in speed control solenoid coil. It operates on a 115V line. The valve has built-in overrides from the manual operation.