Manual Rotating Fixture


  • Collet Remains stationary
  • Collet installs from the front
  • Positive Cam locking design
  • Adaptable to Automated setups
  • Easily mounted and adjusted
  • Provisions for positive stops in the fixture
  • Quick Action clamping.
  • Grips tight with dead center accuracy
  • runs True under heavy cuts

  • Adaptable to any lathe, grinder, or rotating spindle
  • Generally used for turning, threading, and facing operations
  • Secure Cam Lock Mechanism
  • Internal stop for depth control
  • Precision built to hold close tolerances
  • Hardened and ground wearing parts
  • fast Clamp/Unclamp action
  • Easily Installed
  • Alterations available    
Manual Fixtures for Rotating Applications

Available Models of Manual Rotating Fixture


Collet Number

Net Weight


1″ Capacity Fixture

(5C) 707-178

16.25 LBS.

4.66″longX3.25″ wide X 6″ height

2″Capacity Fixture


38.5 Lbs.

6.22″longX4.03 ” wide X 6″ height


The clamping part of the fixture is 1″ long x 6″ wide with %” plates to grip the lathe.