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Solution for drilling requiring both rapid advance and controlled feed

Zagar thruster drilling units are capable of meeting a wide variety of production requirements. Available in four basic thrust sizes, they offer a solution for drilling operations requiring both rapid advance and controlled feed. The same unit features the choice of pneumatic or hydraulic operation, powered by a three-phase, 230/460V motor. to return to the Zagar Home Page for the Zagar Product Overview Video


  • Greater drilling thrust since our double acting cylinder requires no springs for return
  • Efficient power transmission actuated by our involute spline driven spindle
  • Rear support bearing on spindle makes for higher radial load capability and reduced spline wear
  • Spindle T.I.R. of .0005″
  • Adjustable positive stop with .0005″ repeatability for accurate depth control
  • Peck feed options for deep hole drilling with small diameters
  • Quick speed changes made possible through the interchangeable synchronous belt and pulley kits
  • Wide variety of spindle nose options including: Jacob’s taper, drill head tang drive, and Zagar threaded nose for standard Zagar accessories
  • Protective guarding for operator safety
  • 1, 2 or 3 limit sensor kits for full-back, full-depth, and peck or intermediate positioning control
  • Adjustable limit sensor cams