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Feed Unit and Controller Combination

If you’re looking to get started, or increase your performance in mass holemaking applications, you may want to consider a pre-packaged feed unit(s) with controller.

Let the experts give you a leap forward. Zagar bundles its MQ150SU with a dual axis Siemens CNC controller for a broad range of ferrous and non-ferrous drilling and tapping. The controller offers customers standard ISO programming, versus a custom PLC controller using HMI programming. The combination is a good first choice for a variety of applications, as well as for optimizing current operations and can be integrated into more robust drill and tap applications. It is ideal for a number of industries and markets including automotive, trucking, aerospace, appliance, machine tool builder, robotics and job shops.

Why not use your CNC machining center?

They’re great, but for dedicated drilling and tapping operations, your CNC would be way under-utilized and would wear excessively a in small machining envelope due to the same repeated motion. They are just not intended to be used that way, and not worth the risk of high repair costs and downtime.

Feed unit and CNC Controller

Ball Screw Feed Unit Capability

The MQ150SU is a sealed unit version of the company’s popular MQ150, featuring an internal synthetic lubrication system and grease packed bearings for long life and operation in any position. The feed unit uses a ball screw on the center line of a hardened, precision, 55mm diameter quill. It is precision ground, pre-loaded with zero backlash. An involute spline driven spindle uses EP7 high precision bearings and the unit features an HSK-32C Spindle nose supplied connection with clamping cartridge assembly.

Simplified Programming

The dual axis controller uses standard CNC commands and features an internal motion processor and PLC. It can control four coordinated servo axes, allowing you to drive two MQ150SU units for tapping simultaneously. A 10.4″ color display and operator’s panel is user friendly. Two servo motors and two servo drives for spindle and feed axis are included, as well as motor cables. The combination is well-suited for numerous drilling and tapping applications in stainless steel, CRS and aluminum, with maximum spindle speeds of 5,000 RPM.

Zagar supports configurations, can integrate the controller and even build a special dedicated machine for the operation.