Production Holemaking And Workholding Excellence

About- Zagar Inc. is a Machine Tool Builder specializing in the mass production and/or the qualification of holes. With our crank style design multiple spindle drilling and tapping head, Zagar can design machinery with more rotating cutting tools in a smaller area. Hence, our machines are used in the automotive, aerospace, electrical, electronic, propulsion, off-road construction equipment, hydraulic, pneumatic and general job shop industries. Really, any industry that needs mass production of holes.

We have produced or qualified holes in most ferrous or non-ferrous materials. Furthermore, the design of our machinery has resulted in the development of stand-alone, modular component product lines. Additionally, these product lines are Multiple Spindle heads. Also included are air, hydraulic, cam, servo driven feed units. Air, hydraulic or mechanical workholding fixtures are also available. As a bonus, controls for these machines range from the conventional electric circuitry to fully integrated solid state for PC compatibility. Always, assistance and support is available for your in house needs.

Zagar Inc. was founded in 1937 by Frank Zagar in Cleveland Ohio. Dedicated to his passion of tool making, Mr. Zagar had a passion for drilling and tapping holes because everything needs holes. He saw a need and went to work. Currently, we are located in Euclid Ohio, Zagar continues to manufacture and sell equipment throughout the country. From 2 spindles to up to 5184 spindles, Zagar drill and tap heads revolutionized the industry due to its innovative gearless technology. This technology sets the head apart due to its ability to drill/tap close centers and random patterns in any type of material. Contact Zagar at or call 216 731-0500 for an estimate today.