Production Holemaking And Workholding Excellence

During the COVID-19 period, Zagar Inc. designers have been extraordinarily busy. New ideas have been percolating in the R&D (research and development) division and the evolutionary results will spear head the next generation of Zagar Inc.’s product line.
Innovation results from the creative engineering minds at Zagar R&D:
1. The new and improved MQ 150 SU (Sealed Unit) line with an enhanced control package.
2. New control systems are in the works that will include an extremely efficient price line for Zagar Controllers.
3. A portable deck drill designed to create efficiencies and portability in drilling on decks like those on naval ships and in other construction.
The MQ 150 unit has been modified into a completely sealed unit, the belts and pulleys will now be in sealed enclosures, with a variety of different parts in their own sealed areas, keeping the work area clean during operation.
The MQ 150 sealed unit is terrific for any facility and can do everything from basic drilling and tapping to more exotic applications such as reaming, combination drilling/reaming, thread rolling, and even twisting. Now it is also the perfect solution when you need to keep your environment clean.
Click here to see the MQ (Manual Quill) unit which is a standard multi spindle quill feed unit which possesses a 3 horsepower motor as well as a 5.9 inch feed on the spindle. It has a 10000 RPM speed capacity and it has a 1000 pound thrust capability with the ability to drill and tap along with a programmed peck cycle and multiple stage cycles. The MQ 150 SU employs a precision ground, ball screw actuated, quill feed on a center line spindle mount and utilizes a reversing brake motor, to enhance efficacy of tapping applications. It comes with a variety of spindle nose options ABS, ASA, HSK, and ER. Below is a picture of the feed unit. In an article on, Tom Lingafelter noted that “Ballscrew units are the most flexible of units, with the capabilities of the programmable control largely dictating what can be achieved. High power and precision is a common asset of these units.” In the next generation of Zagar Inc. we are delivering the control that will give manufacturers the flexibility they need for their competitive edge.
Zagar will be producing some MQ 150 SU units with new American made Siemens controls. The new package, named the ZNC control system, will enhance the price and efficiency of the MQ 150. Using new technology, Zagar Inc is cutting about 40% of the price of the controls, enabling the creation of a competitively priced unit that will also more efficiently control the speed and feed of the quill. As new versions of our reliable Zagar product line soon become available, we’ll share the updates -stay tuned!
Like all quality Zagar products, Zagar drilling and tapping units are available through the sales email which is or call us at 2167310500. Zagar Inc. has been producing reliable, high quality, hole making machines, fixtures, dedicated machines and accessories for over 80 years. Our customers are the best part of what we do; give us a call and tell us about your production needs.

With two different styles and a choice of controllers, Zagar offers drill and tap feed units to match your application. Our Manual Quill (MQ) ball screw units use servomotors. Furthermore, they provide precision and maximum thrust efficiency with no offset loading. Zagar Thruster units are actuated by hydraulic and/or pneumatic operation. Additionally, the units provide both rapid advance and controlled feed. This makes it ideal for drilling applications. A reversing brake motor makes tapping applications also very effective. Controllers include all popular industry choices. These choices can be made by the customer and integrated by Zagar for a full holemaking solution.
Watch Video for Zagar Drill/Tap machine demo with quill unit.