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Just Released: Zagar Inc. Exclusive Distributor for Jarvis Cutting Tools
At Zagar Inc. we believe in quality, and have worked to make sure it shows in every Drill or tap head or dedicated machine we produce. We also appreciate quality in related industry suppliers and constantly look for ways to form strategic relationships with like-minded parts providers to enhance the production and bottom line for our customers. Zagar has great news about a strategic relationship that was solidified last week.
Jarvis Cutting Tools supplies the finest cutting tools to manufacturers around the world. With warehouses throughout the country, Jarvis exceeds in providing high grade taps and fast distribution, especially to its US based clients. Last week, Jarvis Cutting Tools and Zagar Inc. joint partnered to match the best cutting tools with the best cutting equipment. What better complement to our Zagar tap heads than a precision Jarvis tap. In fact, we feel Jarvis Cutting Tools help make Zagar’s dedicated machines even better due to the quality of the tools Jarvis produces. You may be able to find less expensive cutting tools on the market, but Jarvis tools can last up to 4 times longer than their competitors’ taps, saving time and money over other options. Read a recent case study, in which a competitor’s tool had to be replaced after cutting 8 holes, while Jarvis’ tool cut 50 holes with less human intervention required. The strength and precision of the Jarvis’ cutting tool ended up maximizing the cost savings per hole compared to the “cheaper” competitors’ tooling. Jarvis’ Cutting Tools will be a great product line that Zagar is proud to offer as a compliment to Zagar Inc. equipment.

We are committed to providing quality products and services in a custom fashion which is why this combo is terrific. Please contact for more information.