Production Holemaking And Workholding Excellence

Re: Manufacturing Strategy, practices and investment priorities.
Nine out of ten manufacturing leaders expect revenues to grow in the next five years. To meet growth goals, will require investment in productivity and speed responsiveness along with customer and supplier interaction.
Reduction in production time and resources has been on the minds of engineers at Zagar Inc. too. New Zagar design ideas can translate into time and labor savings in the production line.
What to Look for:
The MQ 150 is receiving an enhanced control package. Zagar will be producing many of the MQ 150 SU units with new American made Siemens controls. The new package, named the ZNC control system, will enhance efficiency of the MQ 150, while simultaneously dropping the price about forty percent thanks to the efficiencies created by new technology. The resulting controls will not only make the MQ 150 SU controls more effective at speed and feed of the quill, but will do so at a great cost savings!
The SU on the MQ150 SU means the unit will feature a completely sealed unit. The belts and pulleys will be in sealed enclosures, with a variety of different parts in their own sealed areas, keeping the work area clean during operation. That means more control in production, with fewer contaminants ending up on the drilled parts. Less clean up, saving more time. The MQ 150 sealed unit is terrific for any facility and can do everything from basic drilling and tapping to more exotic applications such as reaming, combination drilling/reaming, thread rolling, and even twisting. Now it is also the perfect solution when you need to keep your environment clean.
Have you wished a drill was more portable so as to reduce handling operations? designed to create efficiencies and portability in drilling on decks, such as those on naval ships and in other construction Zagar is producing a portable deck drill that will offer manufacturers more flexibility without losing the power a Zagar Drill wields.
For decades, Zagar has focused on the quality of its hole producing machines and feed units. That same attention to high quality has yielded machines with high precision and endurance, melded with increasingly high speeds. Then and now, Zagar Inc. focused its expertise on continuously increasing the efficiency of its drilling and tapping machines, feed units and other dedicated machines used to produce holes, both threaded and unthreaded. Technology is advancing, and so must manufacturing. With every new advance, the Zagar high quality machines become only more enhanced, featuring streamlined efficiency and cost effective production. Zagar produces robotic machines, CNC units, geared and gearless drilling and tapping machines, workholding fixtures, dedicated machines, and customized fixtures, all depending on what the manufacturing customers want. We serve industries including the automotive industry, aerospace, appliance production, power generation and machine tooling among others.
But the most important part of what we do here at Zagar Inc. is you. Our customers drive our business. As a manufacturing supplier of anything that involves hole creation, we want your feedback. We believe manufacturing is only going to grow, in production and efficiency. So tell us what you need to help you grow. Email or call us at (216) 731-0500 and tell us about your plan. We look forward to hearing from you.