Production Holemaking And Workholding Excellence

Service has always been a staple of Zagar Inc. As many know, Zagar Inc are experts in the field of drilling and tapping holes. As our founder stated, everything needs holes. He also stated that you only have one shot at accomplishing your dream and his dream, his passion, was simple, drilling holes. From there, a company was born to mass produce holes through several different departments. We have built drill and tap heads for decades, powering industry through wars and economic booms. We have created the feed units to power these heads for decades, . We have created machines that use the drill heads and feed units, many of these machines are featured on our YouTube channel,  . We also have a line of work holding tools designed for extreme durability and simplicity on the shop floor, We have created advances in technology in drilling and tapping created at Zagar, , which have been used by companies such as Boeing, to create millions of holes in a variety of applications. We take drawings and make them into real life hole drilling machines through our custom made machinery. We use our illustrious 82 year history of engineering knowledge to create the present solutions which drive us into the future. We have been doing this since 1937 and continue to achieve in industries like Automotive, Aerospace, Appliances, Computer Parts, and Medical. We have done work with a variety of large companies like Ford, Chrylser, General Motors, Whirlpool, IBM and Toro. All giants in their industries and we have provided hole making to all.
Today, we will be discussing Zagar parts. There are more than 100000 Zagar machines occupying shop floors across the United States and in countries around the world. From Germany to China, Canada to Mexico, we have sent machines to all corners of the world. We have made machines that have drilled up to 3,500 holes at once, is a link to our Youtube Channel where there is an older video of this drilling application. Through it all we provide the parts and service to keep your equipment running in first class condition. From the time you call or email to the time of delivery, we intend to give the best service possible to accomplish your needs. Genuine Zagar parts are available through the sales desk by calling 216-731-0500. Parts, service, machinery, and all other inquiries are available through our website or contact the sales desk at .
Another topic of discussion is Zagar service. With our trained service mechanics, we can service or repair your Zagar machinery to first class condition. We typically will have the unit sent in for repair and issue an RMA number to the company making the request. After that, we will perform an inspection for a fee. We will then perform the inspection, communicate with the company, then we will waive the fee if given permission to repair/service the equipment to first class condition. This service is available across the country and has been performed recently on equipment as small as a 4.5” 2-3 spindle drill head employing .125” drills to a more complex 128, 5/8” spindle drill head. Please Contact Zagar using the information provided above and have a terrific day. #drill #tap #multispindle #feedunits #engineering #service # parts #dedicated machines #Boeing #YouTube #equipment #holes